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Make your next conference or networking event a destination and not another calendar notification.

As a full-service learning agency, we partner with our clients from the initial concept to the final meeting of a conference or show. Knowledge Launch offers best in class audio and visual production that is tailored to your unique learning objectives. Content can get lost in a sea of distractions. Offer an unforgettable experience that cements your learning objectives.

An Integrated Team

We approach each event with the One Team model. Our team will work with your staff as one to offer seamless delivery. Starting from the very beginning of the journey, we come along side you to offer insights and keep track of key milestones. On site, we work hand in hand with your staff as another member of the team ensuring smooth delivery. We handle the technical details so that your presenters and staff can focus on doing what they do best. 

Production Drives Growth

We love a beautiful, heart pounding concert. It’s in our DNA. But memorable events are only part of the journey. We work with your team as a thought partner from the very beginning to align our production services with your learning goals.

Our experience as a professional production company allows us to offer a full suite of tools to achieve your objectives. Our production services, equipment, and staffing are of the highest caliber while offering reasonable rates.

Connections Blossom

There’s magic in face-to-face interactions, and we’re here to harness it. We believe live events and trade shows aren’t just gatherings, they are vibrant ecosystems where ideas collide, innovations spark, and connections grow. From intimate roundtable discussions to grand exhibitions, we create events that foster meaningful connections and drive growth. Each experience is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Our Work in Action

A multinational client faced the intricate task of implementing a new governance framework after a regulatory change. The challenge extended beyond procedural shifts – it demanded a strategic approach to embed change seamlessly into the organizational fabric. Knowledge Launch stepped in, not just as an educational provider but as a strategic partner, entrusted with the mission of reshaping corporate education for tangible results. The question emerged, “How do you use learning to facilitate change management?”. Knowledge Launch’s response was a pragmatic, end-to-end solution, transcending the conventional workshop model. The collaboration with the internal team was hands-on, designed to seamlessly integrate within the client’s organizational structure. Our responsibilities encompassed more than theoretical workshop design. Knowledge Launch actively contributed to crafting session messaging, sourcing external speakers, and producing visual collateral for impactful events. The culmination of our efforts was the orchestration of plenary and breakout sessions at a strategic off-site location. From the formulation of learning content to the technical nuances of lighting and sound, Knowledge Launch played a pivotal role in every aspect of the rollout. The depth of our collaboration was such that the line between our team and the client’s internal structure blurred. Knowledge Launch didn’t just provide education services; we became an extension of the client’s change initiative. In the end, hundreds of professionals didn’t just hear about change, they experienced it firsthand. This case study stands as a testament to the impactful fusion of immersive learning and change management. It sets the tone for a new paradigm in corporate education, one where learning isn’t a theoretical endeavor but a pragmatic tool for organizational evolution.


Storytelling in action

Visioning future results

Being an ambassador of the firm


Participants enter an interactive gallery of fact filled walls, which describe the business units of the firm as well as recent successes and strategic initiatives. The gallery is set up as an intimate evening reception to ensure energy and conversation. As participants move around the space, however, they realize that only one thing is missing: a personal tour guide through each of the respective areas. At this point, the rules of the game are introduced. The participants themselves become docents of the gallery and introduce their fellow participants to the stories and strategies that define the future of their business unit.


Do our people and teams know the “why” behind what we do?

How can we move from presenting to storytelling?

What are the differentiators that make us and our firm unique to position us for success in the future?

Step into the vibrant realm of trade shows redefined by Knowledge Launch. Gone are the days of passive walks alongside booths; our approach transforms exhibits into engaging, interactive, and compelling multi-sensory “hubs” of activity. At Knowledge Launch, we meticulously script the entire exposition to ensure learners encounter real challenges within the dynamic hub, providing opportunities to address questions at the granular level.

These dynamic learning hubs seamlessly integrate media, live demonstrations, virtual interactions, and engaging conversations, creating an atmosphere akin to a purposeful party – one designed to maximize the learning experience. Embrace a new era of trade show experiences with Knowledge Launch, where every encounter is an opportunity to elevate engagement and foster meaningful connections.


Exploring features and benefits

Empowering people to upskill on new technologies

Showcasing the excitement around new tools


The innovation hub is a fun, immersive environment that builds excitement among participants through live demonstrations and informative conversations. Using highly visual LED walls, television demo stations, sleek furniture and creative lighting, the environment is set to create an “Apple Store” like feel that aligns with the innovative experience. The innovation hub offers the opportunity for clients to spread the word, initiate learning, and allow for current feedback and other conversations around what is being showcased. A live “rover reporter” may also appear on all of the screens and speakers at certain times for a live check-in with some of the participants to get reactions and share new tips


How do I create a culture for exploring new tools?

How can I generate buy-in for the technologies that will impact our business?

How can we team for success in adopting technologies?

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